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Victoria who is Beckham’s wife is once again the cover girl of VOGUE. Even though she is a mother of four as well as a member of the Spice Girls, she has always remained in good shape. Her secret to losing weight was revealed when she was interviewed, and that is to keep going for six days a week.

Why I Love Running

Beckham is loved by many and recently his beloved wife, Victoria, became the cover girl of the famous fashion magazine VOGUE in April 2012. Victoria is 37 years old, she can be described as the green tree of the fashion industry, even though she is already the mother of four children. , he always maintains a good figure. Within a week, Victoria wanted to run for six days to stay in shape, and when VOGUE interviewed her, she said it was her secret.
One hand, Beckham Victoria is a British singer and fashion designer, and on the other hand, she is a former member of the Spice Girls and this group is popular. In the Spice Girls period, he was called “Posh Spice”. It took only eight weeks for Spice Girl Victoria to quickly regain her previous form after she gave birth to her girl. Victoria’s goal is to have happiness, success and be herself.

Victoria said: “I am obsessed with running, and in my opinion, this is the most effective weight loss method”. “When I was obsessed with exercise, I thought this was the weight loss secret that suited me the most,” says Victoria. In addition, there is a story that says that she also hired a Hollywood star royal fitness trainer named Tracy Anderson to specifically design a weight loss plan for her. Tracy is also the coach of Madonna’s handpicked and other famous queens.

Reasons to Start Running

“I always want to do the best I can do, for example, I am less than six feet tall, and I am very thin (in fact, Victoria is five feet and four inches tall). Beckham’s wife kept saying:” So this is what you are. see the truth. “She added to say,” But when people look at me, they always think that my height is more than what I say, but in fact, it is not only because of my high heels, but also partly because of my dress. ” .

In the world of fashion, as everyone knows, Victoria is loved. The 37-year-old former Spice Girl has now become a famous designer. When we talked about Victoria’s career, she said her way: “I want to design clothes, which can not only get eternal judgment from people, but can also be of super high quality”. “At that very moment, Marc Jacobs said to me at the start that people would not criticize your clothes as trash and would simply say they didn’t belong to their style, but the prerequisite was that you had to make the best quality clothes.”

When accepting the interview, Victoria also mentioned her former spice teammate girls. He said that for the past, he was quite grateful, and he wanted to show his respect for the girls, moreover, it was the best time for him to experience that time. “However, I have worked hard to change myself even though I haven’t changed into one of the dancers and singers”. The Spice girl finally said, “I used to say in the past ‘this is really good’, but before I say this, I’m going to take a long time to do my best.”

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